About US

Rrflex complex was inaugurated in 2017 with the aim of producing flexible steel hose pipes and hoses and related fittings in order to meet domestic needs and help develop the country’s production and in line with the implementation of the Supreme Leader’s menus, in the industrial town of Ostad Ali Nasab, Tabriz. Took.

The management structure of this group has always tried to play a role in a dynamic and systematic way in order to break the country’s dependence on imports and to take steps towards the realization of industrial development and new technologies, relying on the knowledge and experience of experienced and educated forces.

The determination of the company’s managers has always been in such a way as to guide this group towards development and excellence, and to solve more and more part of the concerns of work and employment of the youth and to satisfy the customers, in this regard succeeding in obtaining certificates. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 10002, ISO 45001, ISO 10806, ISO 10380.

Obviously, trying and investing in this field has been associated with many problems and challenges, but entrepreneurship is directly and indirectly the main goal that is considered beyond economic incentives.

The only holder of the national standard mark in Iran